new Construction process

Learn about our design and development process

Initial discussion

Our renovation process begins with visiting the site and inspecting your land or home. We chat about your wants, needs, concerns, and the visions that you want to bring to life. We also take this time to get to know each other better so that we can best understand your values and priorities which will be incorporated in the initial design plan. This is a great stage to pose your questions, learn about what designs would best fit your space and your personality.


With our initial plan mapped out, we present you with a total estimate of your finishing materials, construction effort and potential sub-trades. If the estimate is outside your budget, we chat about what adjustments we can make to each budget factor in order to fit the project within the planned budget. In this part of our process, we openly discuss all aspects of the project and all of your questions are welcomed and answered.

finalizing the plan

At this stage, we fine-tune the proposal, create an exact budget plan and plan a renovation process with precise cost estimates. We ensure that no part of the project is neglected and that the proposal is completely agreed on before starting the job.

Set a timeline

Together we will identify and agree on:
– the start date and,
– the end date
and consider best-case and worst-case scenarios for the renovation or development project.


All the work done by Bytas Developments and its sub-trades is warrantied after the renovation is completed. We are accountable for our work and follow up with any of your concerns over workmanship promptly.

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